Xiotech ISE Analyzer


In April 2010 Xiotech launched our CorteX (RESTful) architecture and one of the first things we rolled out to show the power of RESTful was our iPhone/iPad monitoring app.  It was a great success and really spoke to the power of a simple, easy to write to, open architecture.  We then took it to the next level and created a website www.CorteXDeveloper.com and encouraged people to sign up and participate.  So what’s next? 

The thing we hear most in the storage industry is the need for robust reporting tools for the array’s these customers are running.  With that said, we created a product called ISE Analyzer based on our CorteX RESTful API.  This robust API gives us some really unique capabilities.  ISE Analyzer gives our customers:

  • Dynamic User Interface based on Microsoft Silverlight
  • Quick View Status & Drill Down of their ISE, Servers and Storage Volumes
  • ISE Network Discovery – which is great in Storage Clouds
  • Data Analysis via Export – ability to export data into just about anything you need.
  • Visibility of historical data – trending etc
  • Local Alert Notification

The ability for customer to get their hands around all of their ISE’s they have in their environment, performance information as well as capacity planning is HUGE.  These ISEs could be deployed as standalone systems, integrated into Emprise 9000, Emprise 7000, ISE NAS, or even behind third-party storage virtualizes. It really continues our discussion around using ISE as a storage foundation.  Here are a couple of screen shots to look over.

The above screen shot gives a nice home screen.

What’s really cool is ISE Analyzer doesn’t have to be installed at a customer’s site.  From a service provider point of view, it can be installed in a monitoring site and the system can collect the information from many different locations or customers.  Ie) Service Provider wants to offer up a service around monitoring ISE’s at their customer locations.  ISE Analyzer gives them that ability.  This is fantastic for the SMB space who doesn’t have a 24/7 support staff.  We have also run into “dark sites” that don’t allow alerting/reporting to flow outside the firewall.  This solution would be perfect for them as well !!

I should also point out that we offer 2 kinds of ISE Analyzer.  We have the ISE Analyzer Software Service (SaaS) which comes as part of our zero cost, 5-year hardware maintenance contracts as well as an appliance based that is installed at a customer’s (or partners) location.  The big difference between the two is the ISE Analyzer Software Service is accessible via our customer portal and is based on a 24 hour period.  The Appliance based solution, due in large part to our RESTful API can do real-time performance trending.  The great news is, if you choose the appliance based solution, you also have the SaaS solution as well!!

So, if you currently running ISE’s and you want to monitor them, make sure you reach out to your account team.  Tell them StorageTexan sent you for a 10% discount HAHAHA 🙂  Also, if you are looking at Xiotech for your future storage needs, this will be a fantastic tool to help you better understand your utilization rates.



2 responses to “Xiotech ISE Analyzer

  1. Gary Cuthbert

    Hi Tommy,

    Can Xiotech integrate with Commvault’s Simpana using Cortex -has this been done?

  2. Gary,

    Thanks for the comment!! I personally LOVE Commvault and many of our customers utilize their stuff today. So today CorteX doesn’t integrate with Simpana’s RESTful API, but that probably has more to do with imagination on both parts than anything else. I had a conversation with our director of product marketing after your comment posted yesterday. We both agreed to go off and do a little research on what we should do with it. Do you have any suggestions?