The COOL things Xiotech is doing with RESTful API

The COOL things Xiotech is doing with RESTful API !!

(Video Demo at the bottom)

So, if you remember a few weeks ago I blogged about Commvault’s launching of their RESTful interface connector.   Well, one of the cool things to come out of this spring’s Storage Networking World in Orlando is Xiotech’s release of our CorteX Control Path RESTful API.  As far as I know, Xiotech is the only Storage Vendor pushing this sort of announcement out.  For cloud providers, this is the ultimate in flexibility around monitoring and managing storage blades.   Just as an example, in the Xiotech booth we are showing our new iPhone/iPad Application called ISEview.

  This should be in the Apple iTunes store in the next few weeks.  Well, as soon as we can get our developer to stop “tweaking/adding” cool things to it. 🙂   


Today this app is more useful in showing what can be done when you move to an open system, RESTful API.  In talking with the developers and marketing, we have some really cool things we want to add to this as we move forward.  As you can see from above, we can view ISE performance statistics as well as look at the MRC’s (Managed Reliability Controllers) and DataPac, power supply and cache battery health as well as some log information.  I can’t wait to see what other things Karl Morgan and Todd Burkey will be adding to it later!!

While the iPhone/iPad app is a “Geeky cool thing to do” again it speaks to what RESTful can do.  In our SNW booth we are also showing some work that Olocity did in their StorageIM monitoring product. 


My understanding is using our RESTful API SDK they were able to add our Emprise 5000 into their monitoring suite in only a few days.

Anyway, over the next few days I hope to catch up on some blogging, and also post a summary of “what I learned at SNW” so stay tuned.  BUT, no promises J

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PS – thanks for @SFoskett for video taping a demo of the iPad / iPhone Application user interface. 


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  1. That was funny.. Loved the video

  2. ya – i’m not sure I liked the video but i posted it none the less 🙂 Thanks for the comments. Make sure you download the App if you have an iPhone/iPad – we placed an ISE outside the firewall so you can play with the App a little.

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