The Xiotech Social Media Brigade

The Xiotech Social Media Brigade 🙂

I’m asked a lot about who in Xiotech blogs, tweets etc. Here is a quick list. If you are with Xiotech, and you are not listed, let me know and i’ll add you !!!

Updated: Feb 27, 2010

Twitter Accounts:

@StorageTexan – That’s me !!!

@Xiotech – Our corporate account

@peglarr –Rob Peglar – VP of Technology

@JGM – Jim McDonald – Chief Strategy Officer

@briancreagan – Brian Reagan – Sr VP of Marketing

@pjselin – Peter Selin – South Central Enterprise Architect

@robsgarcia – Rob Garcia – East Region Systems Engineer

@kpeterson9978 – Kandace Peterson – East Region Account Executive

@mensch45 – Steve Sattler – Western Region Account Executive

@scottsigrist – Scott Sigrist – Central Region Account Executive

@McAnderson – Matt Anderson – Sales Operations

@MHack71 – Mickey Hackett – Eastern Principal Systems Engineer

@Gunslinger0331 – Rolland Miller – Central Principal Systems Engineer

@carelk – Carel Koch – Central Principal Systems Engineer

Blogs: – ME 🙂  – Joel Ruf – Technical Marketing Manager – Roger Kelley – Western Region Principal Storage Architect – Xiotech Official Blog – Peter Selin’s Blog – Steve Sattler’s Blog

Please make sure you follow everyone !!!



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