Xiotech ROCKING in 2010

 Why you  need to pay attention to Xiotech in 2010.

 (Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times!! )

Whew!!  The last 2 weeks have just been CRAZY!!!  I thought I would do a quick re-cap of the events.  On January 8th, I celebrated my 10year anniversary with Xiotech by launching www.StorageTexan.Com and posting my first blog.  It was a great opportunity to walk down memory lane.  I really enjoy blogging and hope to be able to keep it up.  January 10th, I flew out to Las Vegas to attend the Xiotech National Sales meeting.  WOW, what a great time!!  It’s always cool to hang out with all the Xiotech’ers.  I have to say, Alan Atkinson is doing a fantastic job.  What he’s done in his short amount of time at Xiotech is just phenomenal.  He’s surrounded himself with such talented people and has done such an awesome job of steering the company in the right direction.  Brian Reagan (@BrianCReagan) our Sr. VP of Marketing has done the unbelievable.  Completely re-vamped our website, marketing message, pulled together an AWESOME NSM and re-launched our social media presence (@Xiotech) in about 45 days!!  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t sleep.  I also had a great opportunity to visit with our Chief Strategy Officer Jim McDonald (@JGM).  This was my first experience with him and I’m really impressed.  He’s already made some great impact in our overall go to market strategy and I’ve seen some of the things he wants to do and it’s just AWESOME.  You want to make sure you pay attention to us in 2010.  No recap of our NSM can be complete without mentioning our CTO Steve Sicola.  The guy is CRAZY SMART and I swear he’s got the enthusiasm of a 7 year-old at Christmas.  He LOVES HIS TOYS !!! 

That same week we welcomed our Channel Partners to Caesars Palace and I swear it’s going to take me 6 months to completely dry out.  We have THE best partners and they know how to have a great time!!  By the way, if you haven’t had an opportunity yet, go check out our new website (www.xiotech.com).  VERY COOL!!  While you are there, check out Brian Reagans blog about the weeklong event. (Blogs.Xiotech.Com). Expect to see even more Social Media things as Brian gets this machine cranking out more information.  It’s always great to read Rob Peglar blogs (@peglarr)and my understanding is he’ll be doing a lot more !!

That brings us to this week.  NERDFEST 2010 was SOOOOOOOO cool.  This was Steve Sicola’s brainchild.  Essentially he pulled in every Xiotech Engineer from India, Eden Prairie, Florida and Colorado Springs as well as the Field Enterprise Architects for a week long “Geek-Out”.  Complete with Sicola’s homemade super fiery green chili.  In hindsight, having all these people in a small room the next day probably wasn’t the greatest of ideas :).  Our Enterprise Architect out of the South Central, Peter Selin blogged about it at his site. (@pjselin) Also, one of the presenters was Oak Investment Partners very own David Black (@DavidBBlack).  He wrote a nice blog about his time at NerdFest as well as a great overview on our ISE technology called “Xiotech ISE: A Revolution in Storage”

So I sit here with a nice cold Bud Light Lime trying to “will” myself to pull together a weekly report to send to my boss.  I think I’ll put that off until Sunday!!  My brain is pretty much mush at this point. 

Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times !!!

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